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Ways to see Sydney by water. Photo by zongo via Flickr.

When Sydney lovers speak of this city’s beauty, they are often referring to the beauty that comes from being a city on a harbor, and with close proximity to beaches of worldwide fame. The water connects Sydney city with suburbs that would otherwise take an hour to drive to – thus providing a logistical benefit while also being scenic. One might say that you haven’t experienced Sydney until you’ve taken to boat or ferry or even a kayak, and we at Viator tend to agree.


From a logistical standpoint, ferries do not sound very exciting, but I can assure you that riding a Sydney ferry can often feel like an excursion on its own. For a full day out, you can take the 30 minute ferry to Manly, the Bondi of the north. Or, you can travel south to Royal National Park beaches. Ferries cross Sydney Harbour to drop visitors off at the wonderful Taronga Zoo, and they also take them to art exhibits and bars over on Cockatoo Island. For a minimal fee, anywhere from $5.80 to $7.20 depending on destination, a sunny day and a ticket on a ferry is all it takes to escape reality.


Sydney Harbour cruises operate quite regularly, although the holidays tend to be the busy season. Sydney Harbour cruises provide the perfect vantage point for the famous fireworks displays that happen on New Year’s and on Australia Day right there on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But, cruises operate on most days of the week, as a sightseeing journey often accompanied with dinner or lunch.


As with any Australian harbor, yachts and sailing opportunities await. Sydney sailing tours can be an all-day adventure with a full meal, or they can be a quick sunset sailing excursion.


Sydney Harbour activities such as hopping into a kayak and being led on a tour might seem a bit strange at first, but the opportunity awaits. Tours by kayak range from 2 hours to 4.5 hours and may or may not include a meal as part of the adventure.

Jet Boating

While it is possible get some new views of the Sydney Harbour area out on a jet boat, chances are you won’t really be too interested in the views when your boat is whipping around curves of all kinds and causing thrills (and possibly screams). If this is the water tour for you, be sure to check out the Sydney Harbour jet boating tours on Viator.

-Brooke Schoenman

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