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Sydney Sightseeing

Save money while Sydney sightseeing. Photo courtesy of RubyGoes via Flickr.

Sydney attractions are both must-see sites and huge expenses, especially when tickets are purchased one by one. Luckily, some companies have bundled the entrance fees for several of the top attractions into one simple pass, ultimately allowing you to save a pretty penny along the way. Granted, buying an attraction pass and keeping the discount only applies when you use the card correctly, so passes do require a little bit of planning and forethought. Nothing like buying a 5 attraction pass and only making it to 3 on the list!

The following cards are available for use in Sydney, and Sydney passes are available for purchase right here on Viator.

See Sydney Card

The See Sydney Card provides 1, 2, 3 or 7 day passes to Sydney attractions. The single day only allows for up to 3 attractions, while the rest of the cards offer unlimited access to over 35 Sydney attractions.

Five in One Attraction Pass

The Five in One pass offers entrance to 5 top attractions in Sydney over a 3 month period.

Sydney Sightseeing Pass

This Sydney pass provides visitors access to the Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Tower Eye, Wild Life Sydney and a Sydney Harbour Cruise. The pass is valid for a 3 month period.

Sydney Darling Harbour Attraction Pass

This pass is valid for a 30 day period and lets visitors see the best of Darling Harbour and have access to the day use of the Sydney Monorail. Visit the Sydney Aquarium, go on a cruise, visit the Sydney Tower Eye (with 4D experience), watch a movie on the IMAX, and enter Wild Life Sydney.

While every pass is different, some allow visitors to achieve a savings of up to 50% off of the standard pricing. Don’t miss out on seeing Sydney and saving money at the same time!

- Brooke Schoenman

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