Famous Food to Try in Tasmania

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Salmon is a famous food to try in Tasmania. Photo by avlxyz via Flickr.

Salmon is a famous food to try in Tasmania. Photo by avlxyz via Flickr.

Tasmania is famed for many things: beautiful natural surrounds, fresh air, and its fresh seafood and produce. Food in Tasmania has grown into a specialty because of its cooler climate and fertile soils – those that produce unique wines along with delicious fruits and vegetables. And, when being a small island in the middle of the southern ocean, one can also expect seafood of impeccable quality on most dinner plates. Here are out top choices for food to try in Tasmania.

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Tasmanian Cheeses

Tassie cheesemakers create their products with a bit of love. Even butters of a higher quality sold in shops in Sydney tend to come from Tasmania. Rich and creamy camemberts, sharp and tangy aged cheddars, and let’s not forget about the pungent blues – Tasmanian cheese is a pleasure to indulge in with a fine, chilled glass of Tasmanian white wine.

Tasmanian Seafood

Given the fresh waters running throughout Tasmania, it is not hard to understand why the seafood of the area is given such high marks. Scallops, abalone and oysters dazzle visitors to the island, but the salmon is king. The Atlantic salmon grown in Tassie is the only salmon in the world that doesn’t need to have impurities removed. How’s that for fresh and clean?

Other Specialties

Besides an overall amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, Tasmania is well known for producing top quality honeys, mushrooms and delicious beef. Truffles, such as the French black truffles, thrive in the cool climate of Tasmania, making it a large market for these delicacies. Jams and sauces often accompany honeys on journeys home from Tasmania.

The moral of the story, essentially, is that Tasmania takes its food seriously. So, whether that’s seafood, meat, dairy or produce, visitors are sure to leave satisfied.

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