Top Outdoor Activities in Tasmania

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Hiking in Tasmania

Hiking in Tasmania

Tasmania, the too often overlooked state of Australia given its secluded island position and lack of tropical climate, offers travelers something that just cannot be matched in the rest of the country: the multiple landscape options in one small region.

The tourist brochures aren’t lying when they say there’s a little bit of everything in Tassie – with beaches, mountains, wildlife, rivers and bush. Combined with some of the cleanest air on Earth, and some of the most fertile land in the world, Tasmania is a natural wonderland.

Outdoor lovers can rejoice as they partake in the following outdoor activities in Tasmania:

Bushwalking and Trekking

With over a third of the state covered in national parks and World Heritage sites, walkers and trekkers have a veritable landslide of opportunities for venturing into the wild. From beginner to advanced, there are trails to suit all styles of adventure, even from single to multiple day options.

One of the most well-known trekking options in Tasmania is the Overland Track in the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park – a path of 40 miles (65 km) that takes walkers around 6 days to complete. Even more adventurous would be the 300 mile (450 km) Tasmanian Trail that runs from the Bass Straight to the Southern Ocean, but you don’t have to attempt the entire route in one go.


As an archipelago of over 300 islands, coastline and river cruising options are plentiful. Whether the goal is whale and dolphin watching, relaxing in waters between rainforests, or cruising along the gorgeous beaches, the opportunities await in Tasmania. Possible rivers to explore by boat are the Tamar River, Gordon River and Derwint River.

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The popularity of fishing in Tasmania provides the state with the unique title of owning more boats per capita than any other part of Australia. If you love to drop a line, Tasmania is the place for river fishing, beach fishing and even deep-sea fishing if you fancy going big with a bluefin tuna prize. For prospective trout fishermen, the waters of Tasmania are famous in these regards, so pack your waders!


Camping is an outdoor activity that sort of goes hand-in-hand with other nature activities on this list, especially trekking. With over a third of the state being national parks and World Heritage sites, Tasmania is perfect for pitching a tent, which you can do at official (in national parks and reserves) or non-official sites (restrictions may vary). Keep an eye out for some of the unique wildlife, such as wombats, wallabies and perhaps even a rare Tasmanian devil.

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While not on everyone’s to-do list when visiting, Tasmania’s natural location and environment produce spectacular sailing opportunities. In fact, each year there is a big race from Sydney to Hobart by yacht across the Bass Straight that highlights the sailing nature of the island. If you aren’t looking for an exhilarating, Bass Straight-crossing journey, there are plenty of calm bays and waterways to explore on a sail boat.

Besides the above, outdoor lovers can find the following: golfing, horse riding, biking, rafting, surfing, kayaking and abseiling. Many on that list are considered adventure activities, which we’ll talk more about in the future.

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