December Travel Update: Thailand

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Tuk Tuk in Thailand

Tuk Tuk in Thailand

Flood waters have receded in most areas of Thailand’s Central Region and cleanup operations have taken place. Methods of transportation used by tourists are all operating as per normal. Central Bangkok remains dry. Popular tourist attractions and areas where tourists normally go throughout the city are accessible and open.

Flood waters have subsided in Ayutthaya and cleanup operations are largely completed. Most tourist attractions in Ayutthaya are now accessible. The World Heritage Site will officially reopen once a detailed inspection by the Fine Arts Department and UNESCO is complete.

Provinces in the North and Northeast of Thailand were not affected by the flood. The flood in the Central Region did not affect provinces in the South. Some southern provinces are experiencing localised flooding due to seasonal rains.  Tourist attractions in the South are not affected except for water-related activities in mountainous areas. Tourists planning to travel to southern provinces should check the latest weather forecasts for their destination and confirm arrangements with the tour operators with which they will be travelling.

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