How to Get Around in Pattaya

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Taxi in Pattaya. Photo courtesy of Shuba via Flickr.

Taxi in Pattaya. Photo courtesy of Shuba via Flickr.

Like many cities in Thailand, Pattaya is a breeze to get around, with an abundance of inexpensive public and private transportation options. Read up on how to get around in Pattaya for a stress-free vacation.

By Baht Bus

Baht buses, also called songtaews, are dark blue covered pickup trucks with benches in the back that serve as small buses. Fares around Pattaya are typically around 10 baht but can be more expensive if you’re heading to beaches further out near Jomtien. If you know what direction you want to go, simply hop on a songtaew heading that way. If you get in an empty one, you might end up paying a much higher rate if the driver assumes you’re chartering his vehicle.

By Mototaxi or Metered Taxi

One of the quickest ways to get around if you’re traveling solo is by mototaxi, and you’ll find stands scattered all over town (drivers wear colored vests). Most trips using this method will set you back 30 to 40 baht, depending on where in town you’re going. It’s a good idea to decide on a fare before heading out.

If you’re traveling in a pair or group, metered taxis are also an option. Despite the name, most won’t actually use the meter, so again, haggle for a fair price before you get in. Few drivers speak English, but many will carry around a list of popular Pattaya attractions in English and Thai.

By Scooter or Motorcylce

If you’re feeling daring, you’ll find motorcycle and scooter rentals all over town. Keep in mind that you’ll need to leave something — usually your passport — as a “deposit” and helmets are mandatory. If you choose to get around using this method, be very wary of your belongings. Tourists carrying purses, shoulder bags or items in the front basket stand out as appealing targets.

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