How to Rent an Apartment in Thailand

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Thai Apartments

Thai Apartments. Photo courtesy of permanently scatterbrained via Flickr.

Many travelers, aspiring transplants, expats, couples and even groups looking for something more authentic (and less expensive) than a hotel stay settle on the option of renting an apartment when visiting Thailand. It’s definitely doable, but it can be a little tricky for foreigners. The following are a facts that should help clarify your decision making process.

Among the many varieties of long-term accommodations available for rent in Thailand, the so-called “Thai Style” apartments are the by far the cheapest. These typically consist of concrete walled flats with few furnishings, and little more than a bedroom and a bathroom.

Travelers with serious money to spend can easily procure condos with multiple rooms, ample square footage, modern appliances and decor, luxurious furnishings, and additional services like maids, gardeners, and cooks.

If your budget falls in between the two aforementioned categories, and if you’re prepared to do a little searching, it’s possible to find modestly appointed modern apartments with furnishings, access to pool and gym facilities, and adequate security features for less than $500 per month.

Word of mouth is far and away the best way to locate a semi-permanent dwelling in the more urban areas, but it’s possible to search via internet portals designed to put prospective landlords and tenants in touch, and in a pinch, you can simply wander the streets and hope to get lucky. This last option works best if you have someone who possesses the rudiments of the language along for the ride.

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