New Year’s Eve in Bangkok on Any Budget – Tips from a Local

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New Year’s Eve, the last day of the year is celebrated worldwide and Bangkok is no exception. It is the day when you don’t have to feel guilty for doing any of the “sinful” things that you are planning to quit next year. Spend the night partying, drinking and eating whatever delicacies your heart desires no matter how unhealthy they are. You are lucky to be in Bangkok on this day as it’s the perfect place to enjoy great entertainment and extravagant shows with international and Thai performers.

There are two ways to spend the night, an expensive way and the budget friendly way. Celebrations in Bangkok are not limited to these two extremes, depending on your interest, budget and mindset, you can also choose from hundreds of other ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Bangkok.

Bangkok New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve celebrations in Bangkok. Photo credit: Pietro Motta via Flickr.

Parties at the Best Bangkok Hotels

When you start planning your New Years, the first thing to think about is to book a nice hotel where you can rest comfortably after the nights celebrations are complete. There are hotels in Bangkok for every taste and budget. Low cost accommodation is available as are top class five star luxury hotels. For a memorable evening, choosing to spend your New Years Eve at a 5 star hotel in Bangkok might be the perfect way to send off the year, just make sure you make your reservations early because the end of the year is very busy in most hotels.

Get closer to the fireworks by watching it from a classy rooftop restaurant where you can go for a luxurious dinner party that offers gourmet dining and world class dancers, singers and other performances. You can be sure to have the best view on the fireworks from up there. Hotel restaurants are definitely some of the best places for dancing the year away as the greatest bands and orchestras are playing and the atmosphere is simply magical.

Countdown at Central World

New Year’s Eve in Bangkok doesn’t have to be expensive, if you don’t have the will or the budget for a club or a hotel restaurant, choose to welcome the New Year together with hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists at Central World. This is the biggest countdown in Bangkok taking place at Central World Square. This will not cost you a dime but will still be something extraordinary, a night you will definitely remember. Live shows and popular local artists and performances are held on stage. Large screens show countdowns in other countries, there are lucky draws and small acts, sound effects, music and a pretty amazing light show add that with the fireworks that will go off at midnight it makes it end up being a favorite place for many.

Bars and beer gardens are open so you don’t have to go thirsty while you wait for the countdown. Try to arrive there a few hours in advance as the traffic goes mad that night as the area is closed for cars after 6 PM. Party at Central World doesn’t stop until early morning when some local Thai people go straight to the temples for merit making and tourists head to their hotels to rest after partying all night.

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