Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

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Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. Photo credit: AtomDocs via Flickr.

If you happen to be traveling in southern Thailand, one of the must-do attractions that you ought to visit is the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. Spanning an impressive 500 hectares, the lavish garden in Chonburi Province contains a wide variety of exotic plant life from cactus to palms to succulents.

The garden itself is very well manicured and divided up into several sections, creating some ease in the navigation and identification process. What is one of the more impressive features of the garden is that aside from its wide-array of plants, it is also organized in several styles from French to traditional European.

While there, take a stroll through the beautiful Stonehenge garden or check out flower valley. Other features also include a butterfly hill and an ant tower, a favorite among the youngsters.

As well as being a garden, the complex also doubles over as a major scientific facility dedicated to none other than the rare and gorgeous cycads. The stout woody tree, found across some tropical and subtropical parts of the world happens to be endangered and the garden has a cycad genebank and a team of scientists there to preserve the species.

Depending on what time of the year you get there, Nong Nooch runs some great shows, from elephant walks to cultural shows that include car displays. Check in with the website of the garden beforehand to time your visit accordingly. To get there, you can simply phone the gardens and arrange for a pick-up, or there are buses and minivans leaving several times a day from Bangkok and Pattaya.

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