Secret Islands in Thailand

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Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe. Photo credit: Argenberg via Flickr.

The search for unknown island treasures in Thailand is a pursuit that has the potential of diminishing returns for travelers at some point in the not too distant future. Luckily, the returns experienced by tourists today aren’t likely to be diminished anytime soon, provided they’re willing to be discerning. The following suggestions are the hottest secret islands in Thailand.

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Koh Lipe

Located in the heart of an archipelago of several dozen islands that make up Tarutao National Park, Koh Lipe is a legitimate hidden treasure. It’s easy to find claims about “unknown” and “hidden” vacation spots when perusing the web for tips on touring Southeast Asia, but this is the real deal. The vast majority of residents and visitors to the island commute on foot or by bike, the vibe is relaxed, and the accommodations are affordable.

Koh Phayam

Koh Phayam is located on Thailand’s Andaman Coast and is strangely overlooked by the majority of visitors to the region seeking rest and relaxation amid the region’s famously restorative sands and shorelines. There are literally less than a hundred tourists staying overnight on the island at any given time.

Koh Lao

A favorite with Thais in the know on weekend trips from Bangkok, Koh Lao is hardly uninhabited. However, it is relatively free of foreign tourists and rich with bargain accommodations and recreational activities.

Ko Kut

If you’re an ambitious budget-minded backpacker, steer clear of this one. But if you’ve got money, and an inclination toward solitude, this island is ripe for the plucking. Its peculiar border with Cambodia has kept it, until recently, relatively untouched. But peace and tranquility reign today, so take advantage if you can afford to do so.

Ko Bulon Lae

For families seeking a little solitude, it’s hard to do better than Ko Bulon, with its sparsely scattered bungalows, generator powered electricity, and laid-back pace.

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