Sporting Events in Thailand

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Boating in Thailand

Boating in Thailand

Serious sportsman the world over probably don’t need to be told about the following international events taking place in Thailand, but travelers to the area would be remiss if they vacationed in the region without spectating any or all of the following (if their visits happen to coincide with their respective schedules).

1) King’s Cup

Beginning in early December, competitors in the King’s Cup Regatta compete for trophies in canoeing, sailing, and boating categories for trophies presented in honor of the current king of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej. Participation is reputedly suitable for adventure travelers, and devotees of all ages.

2) Khon Kaen Marathon

Marathon, half-marathon and mini-marathon events emanate from Khon Kaen University in January. Accommodations are plentiful, events are well-managed, and spectators will be rewarded for their interest. While visiting the area, don’t neglect to visit the Khon Kaen National Museum, which houses artifacts from the Dvaravati period and bronze sculptures from Ban Chiang.

3) Bike Week

The Burapa Pattaya Bike Week actually spans something like 13 days each February. Participants embark from their destination through the north of the country and three other countries (Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia) in the equivalent of a tourist Tour de France for motorcycles. Even in passing, the spectacle is well worth taking in, and, needless to say, participating in for the vehicularly inclined.

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