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Krabi makes a nice place to stop to enjoy nature and good food
- photo courtesy of Argenberg via Wikimedia Commons

A significant hub for travel in southern Thailand, Krabi Town makes an excellent gateway to a profusion of exotic islands and national parks, and is an underappreciated destination in its own right.

Because of its proximity to more than 80 beautiful islands—most notably among these being Koh Lanta (itself a national park) and the famous Phi Phi islands—Krabi is often overlooked by pleasure seekers hot to make their way to island destinations and inland wonders like waterfalls, nature preserves, and monasteries.

Among the latter, Wat Tham Sua is a monastery that, while relatively recently constructed, offers epic views of the town, the Krabi River, and the Panom Benja Mountains beyond.

Also worth mentioning is the thickly forested expanse of Than Bokkharani National Park, where you can observe the local flora and fauna, and avail yourself of the deep and refreshing pools fed by a mountain spring that are a perfect place to take a dip.

Best visited during the non-monsoon months (October-April), the town and the region around it are teeming with opportunities for surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jungle trekking, kayaking, sailing, birdwatching, yachting, fishing, and every other sort of climate-appropriate recreation imaginable.

Whether you stop over for a stay in Krabi Town, or simply hustle through it, do make it a point to sample the extremely inexpensive fare at the street food stalls at Chao Fa Pier, which are open late into the evening and offer a wide array of traditional Thai dishes.

-John Reality

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