Top 4 Museums in Thailand

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Relief from the Phimai National Museum - photo courtesy of Dominique Dalbiez via Wikimedia Commons

Thailand has an extensive national museum system, as well as a litany of independent museums and private collections worth visiting. To get you started, here is one noteworthy institution selected from each of the country’s respective geographical regions.

1). Nan National Museum (North). Situated in the Nan River Basin, this excellent museum was established in 1973 and houses exhibits dedicated to the study of art history, archaeology and ethnology. The structure itself was originally constructed in 1903 as the palace of the Feudal Lord of Nan, and the grounds and artifacts are accordingly regal.

2). Phimai National Museum (Northeast). Dubbed “The Center of Cultural Heritage in Northeastern Thailand”, this institution, located near the Moon River in Phimai, is a must-see for visitors to the region interested in local history and culture.

3). Vimanmek Teak Mansion (Central). This L-shaped, three-story mansion in Bangkok houses more than 80 rooms filled to the brim with a considerable collection of early Ratanakosin art objects and antiques. It was once the private residence of Rama V (the so-called Great Beloved King), and is reputedly the largest gold teak building in the world.

4). Chaiya National Museum (South). Chaiya was once the most important city in the Ban Don Gulf. This museum was the pet project of Phrakhru Sophonjetasikaram, an influential monk from the region, and it houses an astonishing array of archaeological evidence of the city’s ancient origins and culture, which may date as far back as 500 A.D.

-John Reality

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