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Elephant Ride

Elephant ride in Thailand

Visitors to Pattaya (roughly 100 miles southeast of Bangkok) can experience a real juxtaposition in scale with two quirky destinations in and around the city.

The first, a genuine peculiarity, is perfectly designed for travelers looking to see Thailand in one stop.  The aptly named Mini Siam (Siam being the original name for Thailand) houses many of the most famous tourist attractions located throughout the country, including Wat Phra Kaeo (Bangkok), Phanom Rung Historical Park (Burirum), the Temple of the Dawn (Bangkok), Phra Thinang Aisawan Thiphy (Ayutthaya), Anantasmakom Hall (Bangkok), Wat Phra Srisunpetch (Ayutthaya), the Victory Monument (Bangkok), and the Rama IX Cable-Stayed Bridge (Bangkok). You can also head over to the Mini-Europe room to explore replicas from Europe, Australia, the U.S. and Asia.

Once you’re thoroughly adjusted to towering above miniature monuments, head on down the road to reverse the effect at the Pattaya Elephant Village. Though it is primarily an elephant sanctuary and hospital dedicated to caring for sick and wounded elephants, the organization supports itself by doing elephant shows and leading a variety of combination treks and elephant rides.

It’s advisable to arrive early and stay late, as you can also visit the famed Silk House, take a ferry ride across a local lake, ride on an ox cart and sample a delicious homemade Thai meal.

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