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Erawan Waterfall in Thailand - photo courtesy of Todd Huffman via Flickr

Erawan Waterfall in Thailand – photo courtesy of Todd Huffman via Flickr

Not surprisingly, the best time to head out in pursuit of Thailand’s profusion of beautiful waterfalls is during the wet season (June-October). The following are some of the country’s finest.

1) Erawan

Located a few hours drive from Amphoe Mueang in Erawan National Park, the waterfall from which the park derives its name, is a recreational destination that is popular with locals and tourists alike. It is seven-tiered with natural pools for swimmers. It’s possible to stay overnight if you have camping gear (or wish to rent it), or you can shell out for a spot in one of the few park bungalows.

2) Palau

If you find yourself near Hua Hin and are seeking recreation, this 11-tierd waterfall is a good bet regardless of the time of year (the surrounding forest remains verdant year-round). Birdwatchers and butterfly aficionados will be well rewarded for taking pains to arrive relatively early in the day.

3) Ti Lo Su

The so-called “Black Waterfall” in the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary is a marvel. Rated by many as one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, Ti Lo Su is an astonishing 900 feet high and more than 1,500 feet wide, and is surrounded by healthy rainforest teeming with an abundance of exotic flora and fauna.

4) Haew Suwat

Situated conveniently at the end of the famous Thanarai Road, this waterfall is a short hike from the road and is easily accessible by car. It is also a short hike from the Pha Kluai Mai waterfall, which is equally worth a visit.

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