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Shibuya at Night

Shibuya at Night. Photo courtesy of Guwashi999 via Flickr.

Shibuya Station is at the epicenter of one of Tokyo’s most vibrant and exciting areas. Famous for its huge, neon-lit intersection in front of Shibuya Station’s Hachiko Exit, Shibuya is a popular shopping and entertainment district full of department stores, cafes and nightclubs.

No less famous is the statue of a dog called Hachiko, which stands outside the train station exit of the same name. The dog became immortalized for his unending loyalty to his master, whom he waited for patiently each day outside Shibuya Station to greet him on his return from work. One day his master died at work and never came home and yet Hachiko continued to wait for many years until he himself passed away. If you exit Shibuya Station at the Hachiko exit you can see the statue and its inscription for yourself before stepping out into the incredible mass of human traffic.

Shibuya Station is one of Tokyo’s busiest train stations and is served by all the major railway lines. A large Tokyu department store sits right above the station and a new shopping complex called Shibuya Hikarie opened in spring 2012 on the east side of the station.

After touring Shibuya Station you’re just walking distance to several major department stores and Shibuya’s Center Gai pedestrian zone, which is lined with fashion stores and entertainment centers. Visit at night to see the whole area lit up in all its neon glory.

Also a short walk from the station you’ll find Love Hotel Hill – Tokyo’s highest concentration of love hotels, which offer couples private and often themed rooms for a short ‘rest’ or overnight stay.

- Emma McMahon

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