What Not To Do in Tokyo

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Don't forget your table manners in Tokyo!

Don’t forget your table manners in Tokyo!

To save you from embarrassment and to avoid offending the locals it is helpful to understand a country’s culture before visiting. When that country is as unique as Japan, a little understanding goes a long way! That’s why we’ve put together this list of what not to do in Tokyo.

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When in Tokyo DO NOT:

  • Get angry when a Japanese granny elbows you out of the way to board the train. It’s every man, woman and old-timer for his or herself when it comes to public transport in Tokyo.
  • Enter a public bath (onsen) without first giving yourself a thorough scrub down.
  • Leave your chopsticks sticking face-up in a bowl of rice. This symbolises death.
  • Pass food from your chopsticks to someone else’s chopsticks – its considered very bad manners.
  • Gesticulate with your chopsticks.
  • Pour your own drink first. Always serve others before yourself.
  • Arrive without a gift if you’re invited to dinner or to someone’s house.
  • Stand still in the middle of the Shibuya intersection! Just go with the flow or risk being run down by a car or even by human traffic.
  • Ignore the free tissue giveaways – you’ll be sorry you did when you need to relieve yourself and there is no toilet paper in sight.
  • Look away or act embarrassed when someone bows to you. Just return the greeting in kind or politely nod your head.
  • Eat while walking on the street or in shops.
  • Talk on your mobile phone when using public transport. Text instead.
  • Turn up late to an appointment. Arriving five to ten minutes early is commonplace.

- Emma McMahon


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  1. Lucy | gapyeardotcom Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, i had no idea about the placement of chop-sticks.

    I plan on visiting soon


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