How to Spend One Day in Toronto

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Toronto Music Garden

Toronto Music Garden. Photo credit: Mike Miley via Flickr.

Alright, so you’ve touched down and for whatever reason you’ve got just one day to make the most of your one day in Toronto. Don’t fret. The old adage “If you want something done, give it to a busy man” applies here. You’re strapped on time, and there’s plenty to see, but if you look ahead and plan on seeing what best piques your interest, you’re sure to have a great time in this exciting Canadian city.

Start the day with a coffee—this is almost a mandatory no matter what city you’re in, but Toronto has a couple amazing coffee houses. Try Rooster Coffee House on 479 Broadview Ave for treats like the Chocolate Mint Latte and the Atomic Rooster. Then tour the CN Tower (301 Front Street W) to do some sightseeing in the world’s second-tallest freestanding structure while the rest of the world heads off to work. This icon of Toronto or ‘La Tour CN’ is over five football fields in length high and at over 550 meters, you’ll be able to see all of downtown Toronto lying at your feet.

Next it’s lunchtime, so shuffle off to one of Toronto’s many eclectic neighborhoods. Chinatown is always a good time, and Baldwin Village is often referred to as Toronto’s Little Italy with its Italian Cafes and tree-lined avenues. Grab a bite to eat at one of the many sidewalk cafes here, then head over to the Toronto Music Garden. This lovely stretch of greenery was designed by international cello superstar Yo-Yo-Ma and landscape architect Julie Moir Messervy to be the perfect grounds for listening to Bach’s First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello. Lots of words, but basically a stroll through these lush greeneries is more than just a stroll—it’s a serene experience that stimulates multiple senses.

After this calming escape, head over to the Harbourfront Centre where you’ll see so many artisans, glassblowers, crafts makers, potters and jewelers doing their thing that it’ll make your head spin. You could easily spend a whole day here, so stay on track, grab a handmade keepsake or two, then head off to grab a pint and a bite for dinner at the Kensington Market district. This funky yet swanky part of town best summarizes all that there is in Toronto—a beautiful hodgepodge of grungy, artsy, cool and sophisticated treats, all lined up for those who are here to stay or, like you, have just one day to get it done.


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