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Learn about dolphins at the Vancouver Aquarium

Critter mealtime, acrobatics, wet lab – there’s more to the Vancouver Aquarium than your average tanks of fish!

British Columbia’s only “4-D” theatre is always showing films around 15 minutes long (twice daily) that will blow your senses. It’s not just the lighting; you also get blasted with scents, mist, and even wind! Check for current films – right now it’s BBC Earth’s Planet Earth: From Pole to Pole.

Always dreamed of being a dolphin trainer? With Caring for Dolphins, you can get a glimpse of the techniques by trying it yourself. Discover Reef Sharks allows you to see these frightening creatures in a new light, and you’ll learn some interesting facts about why they’re such an important piece to the marine ecosystem puzzle.

There aren’t many people who can prevent their hearts from melting or their mouths from making cooing noises at the sight of sea otters. Sea Otter Feed lets you look on as they munch away. Get to know the animals living offshore in Creatures Off Our Coast, or take the kids (8 and under) to family programs in Clownfish Cove like sing-a-longs, crafts, dancing and storytime.

And, of course, the famous Dolphin Show, where you can watch some Pacific White-sided acrobatics!

You can also catch a feature program every day, which may be learning how an octopus goes hunting, diving underwater to touch sea urchins, exploring the wet lab, walking along the BC Hydro Salmon Stream, or meeting Schoona, the resident sea turtle. Check the Rescue Stories Schedule for more detailed information.

-Natalie Grant

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