The Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Factory Tour in Vancouver

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Get behind the cockpit of an aircraft on the Boeing Factory Tour - photo courtesy of Duncan Rawlinson via Flickr

Step inside the world’s largest building and take a tour of the planes of the future! The Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Factory Tour is in Snohomish County, only two hours away from Vancouver. It sure is a nice change from your traditional museum.

You can digitally design your own commercial jet at the Airplane Design Zone, test it, and then take home a schematic of your invention to keep (talk about a cool souvenir… “Hey, look at this plane I designed!”). If the words avionics, navigation, and hydraulics don’t mean a lot to you, you can learn more about these technical innovations in the Flight Systems Zone. And in the Flight Deck Zone you can follow how pilots’ work desks have changed from old models to new – or just get that priceless photo of yourself in the pilot seat. You know you want to.

The mechanically-inclined will drool all over the Propulsion/Engines Zone when they see all those classic engines sprawled out, and the earthly-minded in the gang will want to check out the future of fuel consumption and ‘green’ advances being made in the Future Concepts Zone.

You can book a Boeing tour on their website (it’s more expensive to buy at the door). No children under four feet tall; no backpacks, cameras, or phones either.

There’s also, of course, a cafe with soups, salads, and sandwiches (and you don’t need to buy a ticket to the Aviation Center to dine). Don’t forget to stick your nose into the Boeing Store on the way out for a slick bomber jacket!

-Natalie Grant

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