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A quiet place in the middle of downtown - Photo courtesy of ingoism via Flickr

Guesthouses sometimes seem to hold a zero-sum battle between location and atmosphere. Staying in the heart of any city is going to be more convenient – a shorter journey home at night, more people and activities around for you to get the flavor of an area… but it can be too loud, impersonal, and expensive for someone who just wants to take a peek. On the other hand, staying in a secluded bed and breakfast offers quiet time, friendly greetings (from people who might even remember your name!), and a healthier home base, especially after a long day of sightseeing… but it may wind up being so far away as to warrant thoughts of a car rental, or worse, that glance at the watch that says, “Well, we better start heading back if we’re going to make it home at a reasonable hour.”

Ideally, one would be able to have the personable amidst the bustle, the reasonably affordable amidst the glitz, and the few-blocks-away feeling that’s so nice to have when you wake up in the morning, ready to hit the streets. Best perk of the Urban Hideaway Guesthouse? You guessed it: central Vancouver accommodation is no longer a zero-sum game!

Built in 1896, this place is the only house-house in downtown. The owners, Ken and Janine, are super friendly and make the place into a perfect balance for all kinds of trips. Every other perk there feels like icing on the cake, really: free breakfast, free WiFi, laundry, flower garden on the roof, loads of movies to watch and bikes to borrow. (Just don’t stay here if you’re allergic to cats.)

If your choices are to stay somewhere impersonal in the middle of everything, or personal in the middle of nowhere… it’s time to embrace the third option: personal in the middle of everything. The Urban Hideaway is exactly what it says it is. But good news travels quickly, and the place is often booked out. So plan ahead. It’s worth it!

 -Natalie Grant

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