Bellinis with the Stars – A Visit to Harry’s Bar

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The waitstaff at Harry's Bar is impeccable - and awaiting your Bellini order!
- photo courtesy of David Kiyokawa

Famous for inventing the delicious drink, the Bellini (Prosecco and fresh peach juice), Harry’s Bar is a Venice institution. Located at the end of small Calle Vallaresso not far from San Marco Square, I was surprised to find it does not have waterside frontage, and is in fact very closed in.

When you are in Harry’s Bar, you are in Harry’s Bar – life outside does not exist. But this is a trap – because it is such a nice place to be, the waiters are attentive and professional, the ambience is great, the people-watching even better, and the history is legendary, it is easy to forget that each one of those delicious Bellinis is costing over fifteen euros. I am not lying.

They also serve food, which seems like a great idea as you settle into the comfortable chair and the second Bellini works to numb the cost of the first. But this is one of Venice’s most expensive places to eat. It’s not that the food is so remarkable, although it’s perfectly good, it’s that you are paying to be a little part of history for one night. Remember, this is where Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Charlie Chaplin and others used to spend their time in Venice. It does feel like being welcomed into a very glamorous family. If you’re going to have one blowout expensive night out in Venice, think about having it here. No other Bellini will ever taste as good.

-Philippa Burne

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