Mozart Sights in Vienna, Austria

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St. Marx cemetery in Vienna. Photo courtesy of nonanet via Flickr.

St. Marx cemetery in Vienna. Photo courtesy of nonanet via Flickr.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart came to prominence early on in Vienna and lived and composed there for much of his life. Those interested in communing with the spirit of the great man have many destinations in the city to choose from. There are the obvious touristic starting points, such as Café Mozart, but, along with Mozarthaus Vienna (a former residence of the composer’s, which is home to a sizable collection of Mozart-related artifacts), the following suggestions are among the most rewarding.

1) The World Literature Library

Founded by Martin Bodmer, the World Literature Library is an extraordinary destination for Mozart aficionados and general bibliophiles alike. The collection includes more than 150,000 objects, including a fully preserved copy of the Gospel of St. John, the original manuscript of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Switzerland’s only Gutenberg Bible, other valuable artifacts from antiquity and the original manuscript of a string quintet by Mozart.

2) Haus der Musik

Otherwise known as the House of Music, this worthy institution features exhibits dedicated to the evolution of music, with emphasis on Mozart, and other great Viennese composers such as, Joseph Haydn, Beethoven, Richard Strauss  and Gustav Mahler. Among the exhibited manuscripts, music samples, and other memorabilia, is an interactive exhibit that allows visitors to virtually experience the sensation of conducting the Vienna Philharmonic.

3) St. Marx Cemetery (Mozart’s Grave)

Though the precise site of Mozart’s burial remains a mystery, a memorial stands on the grounds, sculpted in 1950 by Viennese sculptor Florian Josephu-Drouot, that honors his memory and the memory of other famous musicians and composers who were laid to rest in the cemetery.

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