Street Food in Vienna

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A classic Bosna in Vienna – photo courtesy of Phil via Flicker

Visitors to Vienna should all take care to sample the delightful street fare that is ubiquitous throughout the city. Travelers on a budget should make it their religion. Street food throughout Europe tends to be pretty good, but with street food in Vienna they break the mold.

To start, there is your basic Frankfurter, and a Ball Park it is not. This delicious sausage is typically served with a slice or two of wheat or rye bread. Moving on, the Käsekrainer comes infused with cheese. The Bosna is a delicious spicy sausage served with onions and spicy mustard curry sauce on a long roll. The Burenwurst is thick, spicy, and typically includes bits of ham. The Debreziner, also spicy, originally hails from Hungary, but has reached perfection in Austria.

Beyond the traditional, there is a profusion of Slavic and Turkish variations on fast food, including Döner Kebaps, which include roasted meats, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and yogurt and/or hot sauce. Typically (if a touch strangely), the average purveyors of these sandwiches also sell pizza.

Far and away the cheapest eats in Austria are the sandwiches of sliced brown bread, ham, cheese and gherkin that are available at most supermarkets for a little over a dollar. Do take care to ensure the freshness and quality of the ingredients, as prices are pretty standard despite the variation in quality.

A point of etiquette: Tipping is standard in Vienna, even at street vendors. It’s fine to discount your gratuity a little by American standards, but if you want to be polite, don’t forget to help.

To learn more, take a Small-Group Food Tour of Naschmarkt in Vienna or download our Insider’s Guide to Vienna. 

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    Tipping at street vendors is not standard in Vienna! Never heard of that and I’ve lived here all my life.


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