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Inside the Spy Museum. Photo © International Spy Museum

One of the dark aspects of government activity, especially in time of war, has been the mysterious (and thus romantic) existence of spies. Shrouded with stories of 007 and secret weapons, fast living, and kill or be killed mentalities, spies have mystified the American public since the inception of the cold war. But what really goes on, what really happens is still something of a mystery, yet in Washington DC you can now have an up-front chance to learn about spy history and what real-life spies would plot and plan on a daily basis with DC’s very own School For Spies.

The School For Spies is operated out of Washington DC’s International Spy Museum, a local favorite where all things espionage are investigated and the results on display. The only museum of its kind in the country, the International Spy Museum offers lectures, screenings, microdots, secret inks, calligraphy, and stories of spies from Moses to Harriet Tubman, and now you can learn about all of it. At the School For Spies, the International Spy Museum asks the question, “Do you have what it takes to be a spy?” Test your observation skills, analyze info, and see if you can detect urban camouflage and disguise yourself like the best of them.

At the International Spy Museum’s School For Spies exhibit you can ogle more than 200 spy gadgets, see the latest and greatest (or so they say) in spy technology, see famous spy weapons deconstructed, and learn the stories behind the elusive and mysterious craft of being a professional spook. The gift shop alone is great for a visit as it sells a variety of cool gift ideas. From spy pens to invisible ink, both kids and kids-at-heart appreciate the interesting items found here. Great as visit either as a group or individually, everyone enjoys a  visit to the Spy Museum and learning about the real-life spy world.

-Hudson Hornick

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