Unusual Ways to Get Around DC

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Pedicab in Washington DC via Elvert Barnes on Flickr

Pedicab in Washington DC via Elvert Barnes on Flickr

When traveling to another city, there is something appealing about experiencing unusual modes of transportation. Whether it’s the famous gondolas of Venice or horse drawn carriages in Central Park, New York, traveling in ways you might nor normally in your home country or city offers a unique perspective into the destination, and sometimes, an entertaining escape. When visiting Washington, skip the taxicabs and metro and try one of these unusual ways to get around DC.

Combine wine-tasting with sightseeing on a Washington DC tour by pedicab. Ride in a bicycle-drawn cart while a cyclist points out all the major sights and attractions on the way to and from an upscale wine, beer, and spirits shop. Sip on champagne and lean back and enjoy seeing DC in a whole new way.

On Horseback
See DC’s stunning natural side by horseback at the Rock Creek Park Horse Center. While you might not be able to see all of the sights in the city, you can travel by horse on all the major trails in Rock Creek Park, the nation’s largest urban park. The trails are scenic – with numerous views of creeks and rivers and wooded areas. While on horseback, it’s easy to forget you’re in one of the nation’s largest cities.

Segway Tour
One of the most fun ways to get around the city, a Washington DC segway tour gives visitors an opportunity to zip and weave through the city. Paved paths around the National Mall allows guests to see the monuments – like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. A knowledgeable guide provides detailed informations about all of the sights seen. Make sure to bring a camera to get photos of the sites – and you on a segway.

-Cyndi Waite

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