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Jacobs Coffee Museum, Zurich, photo courtesy of puuikibeach via Flickr

Whether you take yours as a potent shot of Italian espresso or a cream-topped Starbucks mocha sprinkled with cinnamon, coffee—the focal point of Zurich’s Johann Jacobs Coffee Museum—is undeniably one of the world’s most popular beverages.

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Aiming to showcase the cultural, political and traditional impact of coffee throughout history, the museum is run by the Jacobs Foundation—a branch of the Jacobs coffee company and long time caffeine enthusiasts—and housed in an early 20th-century villa overlooking the idyllic Lake Zurich promenade. Inside, visitors can learn about the world commodity of the humble coffee bean, its economic importance and the roles of the billions of coffee cultivation workers around the globe.

The vast exhibition spans everything from iconic coffee advertisements and collections of traditional china and silverware, to cultural expositions on coffee-drinking traditions, coffee houses and coffee making rituals around the world. In short, it’s a one-stop shop for coffee fanatics, or anyone who ever wondered about the origins of their morning Cappuccino.

Of course, a trip to a coffee museum wouldn’t be complete without a cup or two of the brown stuff, so head to the museum’s café where you can sip a free cup of coffee and opt to sample varieties from all over the globe.

- Zoe Smith

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