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See The Centre Le Corbusier's striking architecture at Lake Zurich
- photo courtesy of Roland via Wikimedia Commons

The Centre Le Corbusier and Heidi Weber Museum stand as the final architectural project designed by the titular artist, and together they serve as gallery, museum, embassy, and archive for the multifaceted gifts of the celebrated Swiss artist and architect.

Situated in Zurichhorn Park on the shores of Lake Zurich, the striking, modernist structure was the brainchild of Le Corbusier’s greatest patron, Heidi Weber. Though the museum itself was completed in 1967, Weber devoted the better part of four decades to the promotion and celebration of the aforementioned artist’s work. After collaborating with him on the design of several pieces of furniture in 1958, Weber was first exposed to Le Corbusier’s paintings and other objects. Though famed for his architectural triumphs, the designer had largely kept his other artwork to himself. At Weber’s insistence, the artist set to work designing a building with the expressed intention of exhibiting his heretofore privately held works within.

Needless to say, the building itself is the chief work of art on display, but the museum’s collection includes other architectural works, sculptures, paintings, and writing, all arranged and displayed in what the artist described as, “a total work of art”, with an attempt at aesthetic harmony and balance. How successful the artist was and the museum is will depend in part on what one’s feelings are regarding architectural modernism generally, but I think it’s safe to say any fan Le Corbusier will be thoroughly satisfied.

- John Reality

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